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      3. Power Transmission Steel Towers、Communication Steel Towers 、Microwave Steel Towers 、Radio and Television Steel Towers、Technical decoration tower
         >> Power Transmission Towers
         >> Communication Steel Towers
         >> Microwave Steel Towers
         >> Radio and TV Steel Towers
         >>Technical decoration tower
         >> Thunder-arresting tower
         >> Watch Steel Tower
         >> Fire Observation Tower
         >> Bionic Tower
         >> Steel Pole Tower
         >> Light Pole
         >> Substation steel structure
        ADD: No. 2618, Development Zone Shengli West Road, Hengshui,
        Hebei, China
        TEL: 086-318-5261600
        FAX: 0318-2190635 0318-5261616
        Mob: 13932896352
        Website: http://www.tlymkj.com
        E-mail: cnctower@gmail.com
        Since the foundation of 2001, Hengshui Guangsha Steel Tower Manufacture Co., Ltd has processed a large number of transmission line towers, radio tower, microwave communication tower and substation architecture at home and abroad.Including the State Grid Corporation of power transmission project, the North China Power Grid Transmission Line Project.Power grids in Tianjin City, Hebei Electric Power Corporation City Network, rural power grid renovation project, and the GSM project of China Unicom in a dozen provinces, districts, municipalities. Our products export to many countries and districts including the Europe,Asia,Latin America and Africa and so on.
        ADDNo. 2618, Development Zone Shengli West Road, Hengshui, Hebei, China  Tel:0318-5261600  Fax:0318-2190635 0318-5261616
        Mob:13932896352  Website:http://www.tlymkj.com  E-mail:cnctower@gmail.com Copyright Hengshui Guangsha Steel Tower Manufacture Co., Ltd.